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Back in December of 2010 I underwent a cervical fusion of my C3 through C7 vertebrae.  The morning after the surgery I woke up to find my right arm paralyzed.  (I wrote about the experience on my other blog, everthedreamer.  Here is the link.)  The paralysis lasted about two and a half months before, bit by bit, my arm became functional again.  Three months of physical therapy followed, after which I pretty much had the full use of my arm again.  To celebrate, I joined a group of hikers on an Idaho Conservation League trek into southwestern Idaho’s Little Jack’s Creek area.  We had a few sprinkles, but the weather overall was very pleasant.  Very rocky with lots of sagebrush, this area feels wild and free!  These pictures say it way better than any words can.


Beautiful Gap and GroveBrushy Vale and Grove


Beautiful Hillside and RocksIndian Paintbrushes


Red Rock Hill

Spectacular FlatTop HillPile of Rocks

I would have loved to climb those rocks!  However, it takes two full years for a cervical fusion to heal and I’d had mine just seven months earlier.


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