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Magical Trees

1 God's Great Alphabet

I have a real thing about trees.  That wasn’t always the case.  Sure, some were nice to look at, and the wind roaring through their branches sounded neat.  A regal pine alone on a hilltop or the delicate fronds of a weeping willow floating on the breeze warranted an admiring glance.  But until I viewed trees through a camera’s lens I never noticed their timeless beauty.  One summer afternoon after acquiring my first digital camera I roamed my brother’s yard searching for photo ops.  Spying a quaking aspen near the driveway, I walked over, aimed the camera skyward through the branches, then checked the viewer to see what wonders I had wrought.  A delightful, intricate pattern of leaves overlaid the clear blue sky.  Magic mingled with the sunlight filtering through the foliage.  That was back in 2007 and I still view trees with awe and wonder.

2 Winding Path

A trip to Canby Grove, Oregon during the summer of 2008 further fueled my new-found passion.  I followed an inviting path ever deeper into an enchanted world.  The sunlight filtering through those emerald canopies bathed the woods in ethereal glow.

3 Ethereal Glade4 LightAndShadowed Glade



Overhead, the leaves and branches formed striking, almost web-like images against the sky:

5 Dark Branches Leaves Against Ethereal Light6 Leaves Light And Shadowed

7 Light And Shadows8 BranchWeb Against Broad Leaves

9 Evergreens Against Sky10 Sun Peeking Through Pine Boughs


I found even those with arthritic limbs beautiful.  The one on the left stood outside my hotel window along the Columbia River:

11 Weird Pine Tree12 SunDotted Trunk


But what I find especially intriguing are the different shapes in trunks and branches, some of which I did not detect until after I took the shot.

A wishbone and tornado:

13 Wishbone14 Twister


Spider legs and a tree sprite:

15 Tree Spider16 Tree Sprite

Wonder of wonders, I even saw Treebeard strolling by!

17 Ent Walking

A little farther down the path I rounded a corner and spotted something that looked at first like a gigantic claw.  A closer look closer, however, revealed the head and neck of a sleeping pony draped across the log.





18 PonyOr Claw

19 Pony

Other folks might see something entirely different—maybe just a tree or a wad of roots.  I have a vivid imagination, and it doesn’t take much for me to see all kinds of fantastic creatures.  I guess that’s just the child in me.  But that’s the part that still believes in magic and dares to dream.  May I never grow old.


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