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A Scenic Afternoon Along the River

It has been a hectic three weeks!  Moving day is barely a month away.  Deciding what to keep and what to toss, packing, and tying up loose ends amid the last gasps of my dying programming career have left little time for much else.  I tried sneaking in a bicycle ride here and there, but two weeks of gloomy skies and stormy weather put a damper on that—literally.  However, Sunday afternoon the sun broke through.  I felt as though let out of a cage!  Grabbing my camera, I headed for the greenbelt.

Normally I would have taken my bike; but I hadn’t photographed this stretch before and the thought of simply ambling along a river trail appealed to me.  I never expected anything extraordinary.  More than likely these photos would resemble others taken around town; then again, a photograph might reveal an image unnoticed when the picture was snapped.  Not that I believe in ghosts.  Factors such as light, vegetation, clouds, and shadows can produce such illusions.  I love when that happens!

Several yards down the trail a web of stark branches snaked above the surrounding foliage, weaving curious patterns against the sky, and a brown trunk bearing a single hole stood boldly against a backdrop of filmy foliage.

1 Gnarly Branches Against Cloud (2)

2 Gnarly Branches Against Cloud

3 Hole in Trunk

These limbs appear almost charred:

4 Thicket Against Cloud

Farther down, one poor tree doubled over in agony.  I discovered why as I circled around.

5 SplitTrunk BowedBranch

6 Split Trunk

A cascade of wild roses spills over the wall:

7 Wild Roses

The dense thickets obscuring the river finally parted, affording this placid view:

8 River

This footbridge surprised me, for it seemingly leads nowhere:

9 InvitingBridge EtherealLight

But it indeed has a destination!  Camouflaged amid the thick foliage is part of a house.  Can you see it?

10 House Amid Thicket

Bonus question:  Do you see a man’s face in this photo below the bird’s nest?

11 BirdNest

I’ve considered having a contest but have no idea what to offer as a prize, although I intend to give it some serious thought.  (But for those who might be thinking a Porsche, a Jaguar, or a million bucks, forget it—it ain’t happening!)

Wishing you all a great week!


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