To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade


Amid my various writing projects I’ve been out taking pictures.  Some turn out good, some not so good, and some are flat-out awful.  I have to admit that, as a photographer, I still have an amateur mindset.  I point and shoot without much thought to staging or even to what I’m actually shooting.  The evening sun lends golden hues to the distant hills–beautiful, I think as I point and shoot.  The finished product, however, shows none of the detail visible to my naked eye and I bemoan the fact that I can’t replace my camera’s lens with a high-powered zoom.

Then last week I discovered, quite by accident that my camera, a Canon PowerShot S3 IS, has a digital zoom when, while photographing windmills, my shot went from this:

Windmills (1)


  Windmills (2)

Same shot, same angle. . .but I accidently pressed or turned something, which brings out another glaring mark of an amateur:  READ THE OWNER’S MANUAL!

While my S3 IS has been discontinued, I think it is still a pretty good camera.  A lot of my close-ups, like the one below, would stay in focus if I used a tripod:


I love moonrises but have never been able to get a really good shot.  This is one of my better shots, but it looks grainy, almost like it was taken through a screen:

Full Moon Rising

I had not yet discovered my camera’s digital zoom when I took this.  I’ll engage that feature during the next full moon and see if that helps.  In the meantime, I need to learn about shutter speeds and filters, among other things.  I also wonder–and I welcome feedback on this–as to whether there is any benefit to purchasing a camera with interchangeable lenses.  Some that I have looked at include:  Canon Powershot SX530 HSCanon EOS Rebel T5; Nikon D3200 CMOS DSLR.

Before tackling anything more involved, however, I intend to read the manual for my current camera and find out just what it can do.   It may just surprise me.


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