Blue Moon Photo Fun

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful evening.  I took advantage of July’s blue moon and the discovery of my camera’s zoom function to snap over 70 photographs of a breathtaking moonrise.  Experimenting with and without the flash and adjusting the zoom I got some interesting shots, the best of which are posted below..

I got outside as the full moon appeared over the horizon.  It lifted off the hilltop, leaving a shimmering wake as it glided skyward behind a flat gray cloud..

1 LargeMoon Windmill Elevator

2 OrangeMoon Cloud (7)

A wispy cloud lent the appearance of a polar cap that melted into shadow as the moon continued its ascent.

3 OrangeMoon Cloud Cap (1)

4 Shaded Moon (1)

Illuminating clouds and windmill.  (This windmill, incidentally, stands on a hill about five miles away.)

5 Moon with Aura  Windmill

Orange at first, the moon’s color changed to yellow with the height.

6 Yellow Moon (4)

7 Yellow Moon (5)

This shot, taken through evergreen foliage, has a surreal look..

8 Surreal (2)

I adjusted the zoom and got these tranquil shots.

9 Small Moon

10 MoonOverElevator (1)


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