Nature, Photography

Wonders in the Heavenlies


A number of storms rumbling through our area over the past couple of days wove colorful tapestries with clouds, rainbows, sunshine, and shadows, creating a photographer’s dream.  I wore out a new set of batteries capturing spectacular images displayed in the heavenly gallery.  As I snapped away I recalled a comment an acquaintance had made some years back:  “God is quite an artist, isn’t He?”  I couldn’t agree more!  From dusky grays tinged with orange and pink to billowing snow-capped peaks soaring above turbulent blue seas these clouds truly show His handiwork.  Sadly, neither the camera nor my photography skills do them justice.


Possibly an updraft?

HWBlueGrayOrange HWBlushingSky HWCottonCandyPink HWOrangeGrayBetweenGray HWWhiteMountain

Bright orange sandwiched between somber grays:


X marks the spot (obviously a couple of jets at work):


Here a hungry camel seems to be eyeing a tasty snack:


I even spotted some mammatus, one of which looked a little scary:

HWMammatus Clouds HWWhiteMammatus

But at the end of it all, a gorgeous rainbow:


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