Photo Fun: Snow and Trees


Mother nature blessed us night before last with six inches of heavy wet snow, and this morning I couldn’t resist a mini photo crawl around the yard.  I especially love the intricate, lacy pattern these aspen branches made across the sky.



This rosebush looks more like a gigantic porcupine:



Even weeds look pretty under a flocking of snow; in fact, kochia or a big tumbleweed sprayed with white flocking and then decorated make beautiful Christmas trees.


Having made lots of homemade candy, our family is kicked back enjoying the fruits of our labor.  Between mouthfuls I am busy writing my novel, Castle of Blood.  With luck it should be out this spring.  In the meantime, for you fantasy lovers out there, the Kindle countdown sale for Warrior Queen of Ha-Ran-Fel has begun.  I have also updated my Pinterest board with pins that lend a feel for the story’s setting and action.

Wishing you all a great day!


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