A Little Fine Tuning…

1 CleanedUp Garden

This past week I decided that, rather than trying to clear a large space for a lot of vegetables this year, I would simply grow a “stew” garden consisting of asparagus, red and russet potatoes, and carrots in the plot already cultivated.  While I don’t consider asparagus a stew vegetable, I love it.  (I only wish I didn’t have to wait until next year to eat it!)  The decision to stop there didn’t require a lot of thought.  The grass surrounding my garden is growing full tilt and aggressively trying to reclaim lost territory, requiring measures for stopping its advance.  (I know, good luck with that!)  Ironically, I’m trying to get a lawn growing around my house, and have spent days spreading new topsoil, seeding, and watering.  I still managed to weed my garden and dig out the grass between the beds.  I’m pleased with the result; it looks SO much neater!

2 Red Potato Plant

The red potatoes are growing well and I noticed a few russets peeping through the soil.  A neighbor graciously gave me some rhubarb plants.  I’m looking forward to strawberry rhubarb pie later this summer!

3 Rhubarb

I wanted a hedge along my west boundary but was not sure what to plant.  I finally decided on Canadian hemlock, a beautiful ferny evergreen, and just finished planting 24 of them.

4 Canadian Hemlock

My sister and brother-in-law helped plant my lawn.  Before we seeded, they suggesting arranging some flat stones around the downspouts to help slow erosion from the runoff.  I think it looks quite nice, besides.

5 StonesUnderRainspout

I also planted currants and elderberries, which I enclosed in cages to prevent deer from getting to them.  (Little Mount St. Helens looms in the top right corner. It was going to be a rock garden, but I found the pile’s composition was mostly fill, along with a lot of rocks and grass roots.  Still. . .there may be hope.)

6 CurrantsElderberriesCages

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