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Mother’s Day Photo Crawl

1 BitterrootValley

I took advantage of a gorgeous Mother’s Day to join my sister and brother-in-law on a trek into the Sapphire Mountains.  Of course, photo ops abounded.  The Bitterroot Valley looked especially lovely, green and serene under the blue sky.

2 BitterrootFlowersLog

Wildflowers were out in force, lending splashes of color between the towering evergreens.  At first glance I thought these yellow blossoms were sunflowers, but they are actually called bitterroots.  The purple ones are lupines.

3 DeerSkeletonStream

At one point we stood on a bank overlooking a rushing stream.  A peaceful scene, but the skeletons of two hapless deer (in the lower left) reminded us that nature has a cruel side.

4 BitterrootsLupinesClose

Lupines and bitterroots shine beneath a brooding evergreen canopy.

5 StreamAndIsland

A velvety moss carpet lines the stream.

6 SunlitGlade

Sunlight sifting through the foliage gives this glen a celestial glow.

7 NaturesMothersDayBouquet

Lupines and bitterroots form a beautiful Mother’s Day bouquet.

8 BitterrootFlowers

Bitterroots against a woodsy background.

9 StumpAndFlowers

A proud tree no longer, this stump nevertheless possesses its own beauty.

10 Potpourri

11 MeadowStream

A quiet meadow brook.

12 SapphireMountains

A backward look at the beautiful Sapphire Mountains.

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