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Up. . .No, Down

IMG_4975 Balloon 05_28

This absolutely made my day!  I love these balloons, even thought of going for a ride in one.  However, I lose all sense of balance just looking down a flight of stairs.  Those baskets up there look awfully small and I’d need a chest-high railing to ensure vertigo didn’t pitch me headlong over the side.  Given all that, I’m content remaining earthbound while watching and marveling at these visions of beauty floating silently overhead.

It was a usual Saturday morning.  I had just finished breakfast and was at the sink washing dishes when I noticed someone wandering through the adjoining field.  Two  more appeared along the road.  They seemed to be looking for something.  I stepped outside to see if I could help but immediately dashed back for my camera.

IMG_4976 Balloon 05_28

Turns out those folks were the ground crew.  I could hear them shouting back and forth and then they lowered the landing ropes.

IMG_4977 Balloon 05_28

By now at least a half dozen cars had stopped along the highway.  The balloon touched down, but as this field wasn’t the intended target, the crew floated it across the fence to an unoccupied lot.

IMG_4980 Balloon 05_28

Unbelievable how huge these are!  And they are incredibly beautiful during the Night Glow segment of a balloon stampede.

Unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived.  Immediately after landing, the crew deflated the balloon, loaded it into a trailer and left.

IMG_4988 Balloon 05_28

Even coming down it was pretty.  The balloon seemed to sigh while listing to one side and slowly collapsing.  I don’t know how they put all that material into a relatively small trailer.  That must have been a mechanized process.  At any rate, it didn’t take them long.

Maybe someday I’ll get up the nerve. . .

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