Spring Has Sprung!

IMG_5345 Fillary in bloom

Spring has come to Montana!  And none too soon.  While folks from places from North Dakota or Buffalo, New York would probably tell me I’ve never seen a true winter, this last proved the hardest one I’ve seen in a long time.  At any rate, I got outside a couple of days ago, returning inside just long enough to shed my jacket before heading back out to get a jump on the weeds.  Already I hear laughter, because those darn things bloom underneath the snow, I swear.  That red stemmed filaree above looks might robust for so early.

I was gratified to find that, despite my best efforts, everything I had planted and nurtured the previous year had actually survived, which means: 1) Those plants are mighty tough; 2) They’re growing just to spite me; or 3) My thumb’s not as black as I thought.  (The reason HAS to be 1 or 2.)

The elderberry that laid down flat after I thought I just HAD to transplant it last August is coming up from the bottom and looking mighty good!

IMG_5335 Elderberry

So is the rhubarb I over-harvested to satisfy my craving for rhubarb-strawberry pie (which, by the way, was delicious!)

IMG_5331 Rhubarb

Doug Fir and Lulu Larch look content within their deer-resistant enclosures.  (I say deer RESISTANT because if they’re hungry enough, deer seem to find a way into anything.  But, like so many of the old-timers remind me, THEY were here first!)

IMG_5341 Doug FirIMG_5337 Larch







This currant didn’t look overly happy last fall, but seems well enough now!  (At least, it’s all budded out.)

IMG_5333 Currant

Last but not least, despite a late planting and not as well established as I hoped for before winter set in, this little bush has green leaves beneath the dead stuff.

IMG_5343 Russian Bush

This will be pretty when it fills out!

The field is greening up and before long I’ll be mowing again, which I won’t mind a bit. . .until after I’ve mowed that acre a half-dozen times with my walk-behind!


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