Time to get going again. . .


. . .And I’d like to kick things off with a special end-of-summer $.99 sale on all my Kindle books.  If you like fantasy and ghost stories, visit my author page and take a look.  If you like what you find, let me know.  If you don’t like what you find, let me know, too, so I can improve.  I take my craft seriously and constantly look for ways to polish and refine.

Enough of the commercial. . .

It’s been an exciting last few months.  I’ve relocated yet again, finally got a yard in, and rescued a fur baby.  Meet Sassy:


She showed up, cold, hungry, and scared at my brother’s place about 10 days before Christmas last year.  I immediately fell in love with her, and since my brother already has a very territorial and cantankerous old tom cat, I took her home with me.  We’ve had our ups and downs, but she has settled in very well and I wouldn’t part with her for the world!  I mean, look at that sweet face!

She lets me think I run the place, but when it’s all said and done SHE’s the boss!  She’s proven the cat-alyst for a few cat-astrophe’s, but so far we haven’t suffered a major cat-aclysm (although one may come barreling down the pike yet!).  Plus, she’s already provided enough material for a sizable humorous book!  I could regale you for hours with accounts of her antics, but think I ought to set up a camera instead, maybe even put her on Youtube.  She’s pretty photogenic, in my humble opinion.  And there’s nothing better than a faithful companion to travel life’s road with!

At any rate, you can expect a few posts with Sassy as the main attraction.  Stay tuned!

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