Photo Fun: Sunset Through Lace Curtain

ZZ7SunThroughLaceCurtains 11_18

I must have passed this window at sundown a thousand times.  But this particular evening something about the colors and texture “grabbed” me.  I was looking at the hues cast off the setting sun.  Only after I took the shot did I see the secondary colors through the middle of the curtain.

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Autumn Scene

Tranquil autumn scene.

This post originally appeared on my other blog, everthedreamer.

I absolutely love autumn! Having grown up on a farm, I view the season as the time for winding down.  The crops have been harvested and the fields tilled, ready for a well-earned rest under a fluffy blanket of snow.  Yet, while the land settles down, the cooling air invigorates and propels me outdoors to indulge my adventurous side in a final spree of hikes and explorations before winter arrives, when again my creative side kicks in and I return to writing in earnest.  With luck I should be wrapping up the final book of my Dark Lords of Epthelion trilogy by January.  Stay tuned!

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Setbacks: Setups for Comebacks


I came across a post from another site, theseeds4life, (<– here is the link) and thought it well worth sharing.  We all have times when it seems none of our efforts pan out, no matter what or how hard we try, or how high our hopes when we first set out.  This post supplies much-needed encouragement for such times.  As even the most inhospitable desert inevitably nurtures the tiniest seeds and produces life, our efforts, if we persevere, will produce results.  Thanks to theseeds4life for a great post!

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Bitterroot Sunset


I photographed this gorgeous autumn sunset in Montana’s beautiful Bitterroot Valley.  Vibrant and awe-inspiring, it makes me picture an artist dipping his brush in whatever color strikes his fancy and then attacking the canvas with reckless abandon, using free and sweeping strokes that produce a stunning result.  As noted in a previous post, God is indeed quite an artist!


Smoky Skies

Lots of smoke over Idaho these days.  Indeed, it seems the entire western US has gone up in flames.

Smoky Haze

Smoky Terrain

Smoky Mountain


Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers go out for the men and women laying their lives on the line battling these blazes, and especially for the families of Tom Zbyszewki, Andrew Zajac, and Richard Wheeler, who did lose their lives.  Your dedication, service, and sacrifice are appreciated more than words could ever say.  Thank you.

Smoky Sunset


Blue Moon Photo Fun

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful evening.  I took advantage of July’s blue moon and the discovery of my camera’s zoom function to snap over 70 photographs of a breathtaking moonrise.  Experimenting with and without the flash and adjusting the zoom I got some interesting shots, the best of which are posted below..

I got outside as the full moon appeared over the horizon.  It lifted off the hilltop, leaving a shimmering wake as it glided skyward behind a flat gray cloud..

1 LargeMoon Windmill Elevator

2 OrangeMoon Cloud (7)

A wispy cloud lent the appearance of a polar cap that melted into shadow as the moon continued its ascent.

3 OrangeMoon Cloud Cap (1)

4 Shaded Moon (1)

Illuminating clouds and windmill.  (This windmill, incidentally, stands on a hill about five miles away.)

5 Moon with Aura  Windmill

Orange at first, the moon’s color changed to yellow with the height.

6 Yellow Moon (4)

7 Yellow Moon (5)

This shot, taken through evergreen foliage, has a surreal look..

8 Surreal (2)

I adjusted the zoom and got these tranquil shots.

9 Small Moon

10 MoonOverElevator (1)