Setbacks: Setups for Comebacks


I came across a post from another site, theseeds4life, (<– here is the link) and thought it well worth sharing.  We all have times when it seems none of our efforts pan out, no matter what or how hard we try, or how high our hopes when we first set out.  This post supplies much-needed encouragement for such times.  As even the most inhospitable desert inevitably nurtures the tiniest seeds and produces life, our efforts, if we persevere, will produce results.  Thanks to theseeds4life for a great post!


Elegy to a Changing World

Windmills (16)

I remember when the land was free and unfettered,
When uncluttered earth rose up to kiss the boundless sky.
Fields of grain rode the swells
And swirled around verdant islands tucked into the hillsides.
Summer winds played, unharnessed and untamed, over open slopes
And carelessly cast themselves off the mountaintops into space.

I remember when, once upon a time,
I found solace among these hills and fields and sky.
The air smelled fresh and sweet,
“Civilization” lay miles behind,
Simplicity ruled,
And I could breathe.

Now “progress” and “technology” blot the terrain,
And the land I once called home deems me a trespasser,
Warning me away with signs that proclaim I am no longer welcome.
If only I could edit these behemoths off the landscape as out of a picture. . .
But such power eludes me, and I can only look on as, mute and defiant, they stand,
Their proud blades raking the sky.

I remember when. . .and I weep.

 Windmills (1)

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