Sweet Freedom and Wide Open Spaces

Pink and Purple Sky

June 30 has come and gone.  I’ve settled into my new place and celebrated my first week of “retirement.”  I must admit to an initial feeling of trepidation about not having a “real” job anymore.  Strangely, after years of wishing myself out of that rut, I felt like a fish running out of water as the day approached when fate would suddenly thrust me out.  But on the 30th, as I walked–no, skipped–out of the corporate world for the last time into the sunshine, relief vanquished fear.  Finally, free to pursue my dreams unhindered, I could breathe again.  I headed my truck down a highway shimmering with summer heat, embracing the spacious countryside as the city with its endless construction, congestion, and road rage melted into memory behind me.

Now, instead of buildings I see rolling hills; instead of traffic, I hear lilting birdsong or the wind whispering through the trees.  I share my new home with an affectionate long-haired tom cat and two black rabbits.  For now I have no desire to go anywhere else.  It’s wonderful just to savor these beautiful surroundings, ride my bike in the hills, write my books, and take photographs.  A whole new world with new adventures has opened up.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!


Welcome Aboard

Hiker and Rock Wall

I started Kopping an Attitude at an early age, so it seems only natural I would one day build a site with that name.  (Yes, the spelling is correct; it is a play on my last name.)  I am, among other things, a dreamer, outdoorsman, RC Cola addict, bicycler, hiker, writer, photographer, gardener, and accordion player.  I love home and family, wide open spaces, puffy white clouds piled high over the mountains, and small furry animals, especially rabbits.  I put my own spin on life and tend to view the world a little differently.  My other blog, everthedreamer, was intended to record my journey to becoming an author, a diary of sorts listing triumphs and struggles sprinkled with tidbits of advice.  The struggles were many, the triumphs were few.  The more I learned about “Writing” and all that the term encompasses, the more I realized how much I would NEVER know and how unlikely mine would ever provide a living.  As a result, I had little advice to offer save what NOT to do, most of which most writers have already discovered for themselves.  Then last summer I came up with ideas for humorous posts from, of all places, my garden (A Tale of Two Quails and the Red Menace; and, The Incredible, Edible Zucchini).  Not only were they fun to write, people enjoyed reading them.  Thus was born KoppingAnAttitude, life as I see it, encompassing everything from humor to reflection.  Welcome aboard!