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The Cutting Edge: A Lawn Mower Review


I like a well-trimmed lawn.  After all the mowing, trimming, and bagging is over I gaze across that neatly-manicured sod and see a thing of beauty, especially in the glow of an evening sunset.  Once upon a time I had a postage stamp-sized yard in town.  Now I live on an acre and a half of grass hay, with a lot of “lawn” to trim.  What’s more, the growing season started early this year.  A wet spring coupled with rapidly warming temperatures already in March brought the field to life long before I was ready.  Yet, ever up for a challenge, I stepped up to the plate and launched an immediate search for a suitable mower.

A riding mower seemed most logical;  however, thirty-three years hunched over a computer keyboard had done a real number on my spine (arthritis), and all that bucking and bouncing over a rough field wreaks havoc on my degenerated lumbar region.  A self-propelled walk-behind mower made the next best choice.  It would pull itself (requiring little effort on my part), plus I would get some much-needed exercise–provided I could keep up!

I did some internet research, asked family and friends for advice, then headed for the hardware stores.  I finally settled on a Husqvarna HU700H rear- wheel drive with a Honda GCV160 engine, and in my opinion I could not have made a better choice.  I love this mower!  It is easy to start.  I’ve never had to pull the cord more than three times, and that only after the mower has sat for a week; mostly, it starts on the first pull.

LawnMower RearView

It has an operator presence control bar, which you have to hold down before starting and then continue holding to keep the mower running.  Pulling the drive control bar down propels it forward but I have no problem regulating the speed.  And even my small hands can hold down both bars with no trouble.  It’s an easy switch from bagging to mulch.  And that Honda engine purrs through everything I’ve thrown at it without missing a beat.  Better yet, all that walking has taken off a few pounds!  (Sorry, no before and after photos.  Although. . .now that I think about it, maybe I should have posted some pics.  Husqvarna might have hired me as a paid fitness spokesperson:  “I went from this: (( big butt ))  to THIS: {}  in just three months using my Husqvarna HU700H lawnmower–and all I did was WALK!”)

All kidding aside, I give this little beauty five gold stars.  Needless to say, I highly recommend it!

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